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Allergic Diseases

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Allergic Diseases

Allergic Diseases

Allergic diseases are conditions in which immune system of the individual involved , and immune system may show hypersensitivity due to any problem from external environment as it gets involved inside the body and compromises the immune system, and individual body system show response in red eyes, hay fever,atopic dermatitis,allergic asthma,sometimes runny nose and shortness of breathing include

Common Allergens

Pollen and food are common including allergens involving in allergic diseases,sometimes environmental metals and few other subjects which may cause severe reactions in body immune system in which food, medications,insects stings of different insects are dangerous if occurs multiple time ,

Mechanism of Allergy

Mechanism of allergic diseases involving the releasing of histamine by the activating of basophil and mast cell, which is activated when immunoglobulin E Age gets the attachment with basophils and mast cells, because immunoglobulin is part of the immunity system

Signs and symptoms

When allergy occurs due to weak immunity system,it affects other organs of the body and allergens may  cause following changes and effects on the function of that organ so each organ has specific condition during allergic conditions bellow,

  • 1 Eyes show response to the allergy by redness ,itching conjunctiva
  • 2 Ears show as in, impaired hearing,  pain, feelings of fullness,
  • 3 Nose may show as nasal mucosa swelling, runny nose, sneezing include
  • 4 Skin includes symptoms of eczema,  rashes,hives
  • 5 Airways also affected by allergies showing bronchoconstriction, Asthma, wheezing, and laryngeal edema
  • 6 Gastrointestinal tract , affected and causing, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain include

many allergens,such as airborne particles including pollen and dust cause allergy, which reactions may show the
symptoms at the area where the air touched mostly and easily frequently part of allergy reactions,such as lungs
nose eyes are most affected during allergy reactions,sneezing,itching,allergic rhinitis also known as hay fever
which show symptoms as described above are common in allergy reactions,in that conditions in which allergens enter
in the lungs may cause the production of mucus in the lungs which cause the shortness of the breathing,coughing, and wheezing

Causes of allergy diseases

Pollens,insects stings latex which direct contact the skin, airborne particles, directly inhaled particles,food particles , including food allergy,milk protein allergies,tree nut allergies, sesame seeds, poppy seeds,stress may increase the reaction,industrialized areas,agricultural , urban , rural populated area allergies have differences are common in populations,

Allergic sensitization

Allergies are sensitivity reaction and depend on the level of immunoglobulin level of IgE in the body as Age is highest at the age of 10 and till 30 , so most allergic reaction occurs at an age of 10 in children also reasons,  children and adults are more prone to the hay fever, and asthma commonly in children under 10,I also searched That boy is more affected by the allergies than girls,but in few diseased females are more affected by diseases, but sex tends differences of disease decreases in childhood.


Immunotherapy is a process which used mostly when food allergies occur in the populations it’s effective in many cases as applied because its require the exposure of the individual to allergens in an environment as it gets changes the immune system of the individual , allergens may include mostly the insect bites and asthma causing allergens include,in this method of therapy , individual again and again expose to the allergens of an environment and its immune system changes its response to allergens, in many cases, allergens contain injection also used under the skin and have effective results in treatment the allergic rhinitis in children and in asthma,it’s effective in many cases such as allergic asthma , conjunctivitis, and stinging insects,

sublingual immunotherapy

The sublingual method of immunotherapy is also used for allergens exposure to individual, but this the method is not preforming by patients as such injecting by injection under the skin taken it easy,but a sublingual method is not usually alone used in asthma patients, so it needs combination therapy also,


like all disease allergies require precautions from the known allergens from an environment,and after that its required medication in which steroids and antihistamines, sometimes adrenaline also injected according to situations, allergen immunotherapy also is used many times if food allergy occurs,

Homeopathic treatments

The homeopathic effect in allergic conditions does not show more effect except giving the patient a placebo effect (a psychological effect to patient or individual of being treatment,but no medical treatment of medicines) many physicians are used homeopathic medication for this as a trial review in children’s and adolescents but no effective results were seen in allergic disease


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