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Artificial Eye Lens would cause Death

Artificial Eye Lens

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Artificial Eye Lens would cause Death

Artificial Eye Lens would cause Death

There is a risk of many other problems while using the lens in eyes, but it should be careful about using the Lens of eyes.the artificial lens is few types of lens which used inside the eyeball by surgical operations are not dangerous or lethal for health but That lens which uses externally by human cause multiple problems from eyes in which infection if an eye is most common

Why artificial lens is lethal for health

The dangerous from a lens is getting more chances in adults or those children’s of age from 11 or near and onward or you can. said those adults who are still growing because a size of the eyeball is changing with age and adults did not know more about this and are not too much conscious about the care of using a lens.

Lens may cause infection in this way

when 12 or 14 year child use lens and did not know about removing from eyes while sleeping time but during sleep he or she may get irritation and rub his or her eye unconsciously which may damage eye and provide way to infection or any external dust entry into internal part of eye and may spread to another organ such a brain

A case of death due to artificial Lens:

there was a 13-year-old girl used lens just for fashion , he got the infection by rubbing the eye in unconscious and irritation occurs parents used physician prescribed medicines to relieve but within 2 days its increased and at 3rd-day girl faint and admit at a hospital unfortunately, a 4th-day girl died, when it’s analyzed how it happened , an end was the infection in brain meninges and brain which spread in a rain and prevent vital functions of brain , throw eye infection while cause was lens using at early age.

important instructions while using the lens

Don’t used lens artificially in little Young’s before adolescent or become conscious it may b letha for health or life within days it’s very important to follow the instruction of using artificial lens ,as don’t use local Or cheap lens in eyes, don’t use then at dusted area, don’t use at sleeping time, keep clean with cleaner while using ,and should b examine by physician or ophthalmitis if any problem occur in eye don’t be late otherwise it would be lethal..

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