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Common injuries and overuse injuries of elbow

Common injuries and overuse injuries of elbow

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Common injuries and overuse injuries of elbow

Elbow joint

The elbow joint is a stable joint with humerus bone and radius ulna bones in an arm.such stable joint less pron to dislocation base of its structure and work just n flexion and extension, but there would be following problems in the elbow,

Sprains of elbow

a sprain is the tear of ligaments of the elbow,sprain not directly cure,this occurs due to the dislocation of joint,

Elbow joint dislocation

hyperextension of elbow joint is dangerous for joint stability,at any age,except in trained players of specific games,elbow joint dislocation mainly characterized by the dislocation of the Coronoid process of the ulna with respect to the humerus,such a forcefull stretching leading to tearing the collateral ligament which named the elbow sprain.

Hyperextension of elbow

continued hyperextension lead t sliding over the coronoid process over the distal humerus,this is most commonly in that individuals how to participate in the sports at age of 30 years and nearby, a most commonly involved process of dislocation is falling with an outstretched hand and twisting blow.

Impaired elbow

once the elbow goes dislocated,there is impair elbow function, because there are many small structures passing through the elbow like arteries neves ligaments etc,and function impaired fnally,

Age factor and elbow dislocation

age factors involved in elbow diclocation as named

Nursemaid elbow

elbow dislocation in childrens with age of one to three years name nursemaid elbow dislocation

Overuse injuries of elbow

Elbow has many small structures in joint location as used in function, if excessive use of that structres beyoud the limits it may lead to the complications of that strutures, as

scaring also involved in affetd side of elbow
there are the following common overuse injuries of the elbow


there is collagenous tissues on each side of elbow latral and medial side of a humerus,it may inflamed or microrupturing may occure its noteed as the overuse injury,

Tennis elow

epicondylitis of lateral side of the elbow named as tennis elbow, its reason is that it mostly occure in tennis players, because there is force transmitt to the lateral side of the elbow while hitting the ball with raquat, it also occur due to the improper games techniques in multiple games also,activities such as hitting ,hammering,fencing also lead to lateral epicondylitis.

little league elbow

medial side of an elbow at distal humerus can also become a predisposing part to be injured, as named little league elbow, in simple its call medial epicondylitis of elbow,

Medial epicondylitis and pitchers

in pitchers its common base of improper techniques , in which torq shifting to the body parts not according to good techniques, so during pitching ,valgus may occur and this lead to medial epicondylitis in young pitchers its important to use the more pro techniques to prevent from it

Medial and lateral epicondylitis in golfers

both have about the same frequency in golfers, among right-handed lateral
epicondylitis occurs more often on left side and medial epicondylitis on the right side,lateral epicondylitis is of
due to the gripping the clubwhile medial side is of due to the strickimg the club repetdly with the ground.

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