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Why exercise is necessary to prevent from stroke and brain hemorrhage ?

Why exercise is necessary to prevent from stroke and brain hemorrhage ?

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Why exercise is necessary to prevent from stroke and brain hemorrhage ?

What is brain Stroke ?

Stroke is the condition ( may occur at any age ) in which vessels of the brain blood supplying are damaged due to high pressure if blood and force of pressure larger than the vessel elasticity to bear the force of pressure of blood supply
sometimes when we are treated with medications for another disease and suddenly blood pressure increase which may cause vessels rupturing I’m brain or near the brain,our brain contain many smaller vessels for blood supply, which provide blood to the deeper regions of the brain these vessels are like hairs , when this small vessel got high pressure of blood lead to rupturing of vessels and accumulate blood in brain .

why exercises to prevent from such accidental problems in a brain?

A man which have less daily activities of physical working than a person as a compare have average physical working and balance work of body like walking, running, and at least once a Jim program in week is much better than the first person,all the physical work make habitual the body compensate the slight blood pressure of the body, and vessels elasticity increases change than other people.there also use of extra storage energy in a body in the form of lipids or fat,while doing physical activities there no chances of extra energy storage in the body.

To live a healthy person and to prevent the blood pressure problems in the early life individual should maintain a healthy lifestyle of physical activities in daily workplace not yet working of sitting always he should consume the body fat ,to prevent the fat thickening of the vessels,when fat start accumulates surrounding the vessels inside,theory narrow the passage the blood also lead to heart diseases and make patient unable to live as a normal person having a threat of being the accident of internal brain or heart problem,


  • Young adults above 25 should have jogging or walk fast than normal.
  • Stretching exercises for all body at least 2 times a week either on the bed or open environment but should have fresh air at that place.
  • There no need for the weight lifting for this purpose just a light exercises but for about Half hour if once a day.
  • Repetitions should b in a maximum account but no need of heavyweight just exercises as the light buy for a long time.

If you have any problem you should consult with a physician for guidance or should have a fitness test once a year and prevent yourself from the loss of this busy life.

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