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What is hepatitis? Types of hepatitis, Treatment of hepatitis

What is hepatitis? Types of hepatitis, Treatment of hepatitis

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What is hepatitis? Types of hepatitis, Treatment of hepatitis


Term hepatitis is related to hepa- mean liver ,and titis-meaan here is infection , but hepatitis is more generally described as viral hepatitis,this type of infection is main because of the virsu attack on the liver, liver is the main organ of the body that affected in this disease, and limit the liver functions in body,this disease in many cases lead to chronic condition but most cases with hepatitis c , condition .this is one type viral attack at liver out of 5 identified viruses.

Types of hepatitis

in relation tu identified viruses A B C D E , but sexth virus is poorly identified virus in viral hepatitis.

viral hepatitis A(HAV)

this disease is due to the hepatitis virus A , and is faecally spread and self limitting disease of liver

Viral hepatitis B (HBV)

This disease is due to the hepa B type virus ,this disease transitted parenterally ,and sometime lead tu chronic cndition.

Viral Hepatitis C (HCV)

The effectv agent of this diseaase is hepa C virus,this also commonly knowe as non a non b virus ,and is most dangerous if chronic for health, relateg to age also,and related mainly tranfusion related hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis D (HDV)

This infectious disease dure to hepa virus D, and manny times supeinfection with hepatitis B infection.

Viral hepatitis E (HEV)

This in not relted to much dangerous, and relted to waer born disease,Hepatits G virus : this is not much dangerous, but recently discovered virus in this field, and tranmitted by trnsfussion.

Hepatitis C virus

one type of hepatitis is hepatitis C disease , this is world leading almost common disease amd dangerous effect on body as it progress, this disease not appear in signs and symptoms as virus attack on individual, it may take many years to 10 years for sign and symptoms ,somtime its relted to non symptom disese,because when its virus attack slowly and for long time,and cause liver to damge and decreasing function perfoming abilty of liver and decreae relted general body effect .

Acute and Chronic Hepatits C

there are these two types of hepatitis like in each disease ,as acute and Chronic diseas

Acute hepatits

if individual is more suffisticated and with regular testing of blood liver and other general test maintan,it detected
as early and there is no more dangerous effect of virus, becase of it early stage with less viral load,and its
treatment is of not too much long as in chronic stages,and there may b no sign and symptoms as appear significantly,

Chronic hepatits

these cases more occure in those individuals who are about careless in their generl health testing and examination by physician or medical lab test etc.and they get involed in hepatitis like diseases,and many other infections,when virus get involes in individual and activated and continue tu damge the liver function slowly and after years it become too dangerousfotr health and compromise the other functions of the healthy body,

Age related to Hepatitis C

in acute and chrnic stages age factor is important , its jst for information for individuals becse there is no much numbers of doctors authentc and practical base dealing hepatits many of physicans take decision jst because of family hstory or others, but its more mportant for each indidual to ask about this and diagnostic test to take rght decission

Diagnosis test of hepatitis

there no much more series of test for detection , but more importantly there are tests for testing genral health condition of individual ,in which liver functional test, including, but its require specifically if viral issuem to using PCR test , in which its of Genotype and Quantitative and Qualitativetest include for each of its purpose, as quantitive test gives us acount of virus, Qalitative gives us type of virus, in ndividual if affected by virus in hepatitis, but liver functioning test gives us a acount of ALT enzymes in blood which give elevated level of enzymes if liver problm occur,

Treatment of hepatitis

the hepatits is dangerous disease in world, its treatment is not so easy and simple like other diseases because its require proper attension on patient during medication, and proper testing of gernal health during cure, its treatment include iv injections and tablets for patients in overall world,but costly treatment for poor patients, injections used with acordng to age factor but not used in old age,but tablets form new brand recently in two years starts with good work in world pharmasists having good results , aginst hepatitis c virus, but its used requires skilled practioner attention during treatment with proper testing after starting the treatment,


tablets used against hepatits c virus in patients,recenly last 2 years of using with good experience in old age patients who are more than of 60 yeras becse using injections in above 50 years in many cases give maximum chances of gernal health decreasing ,and sovalde give best results in patients, but special attention of specialist is necssory for paatient treatment

Diet care in hepatitis c

during hepa c condition special care of using proteins and lipds in this condition because liver already cmpromise due to infection and these things cause more burden on functioning of liver,salt restriction also offerd somtime by doctors , juices and liquids used more naturally things ,and vegetables salad also offerd in diet,

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