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Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Program



Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Program

Physical therapy is a leading branch in medical field related to physical impairments diagnosing and treatment with use of multiple approaches including exercises, Manually, modalities , ergonomic studies ,biomechanics of body ,these are basic sub-branches in Physical therapy department of a world ,many others also ,diseases , physical impairments . included in which sports therapy , neuromusculoskeletal studies of human bodies and treatment of impairments of above activities including injuries

Physical therapy can be define, the assessment , prevention , treatment of dysfunction physical disability to achieve the whole function of a body with enhancement of restricted body movements.

There is another worldwide branch relating to physical therapy Rehabilitation named ORTHOTICS and PROSTHETICS  these branches play huge role in world after the war ,terrorism ,blast, in war territories , Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan atomic attack, as Afghanistan ,Iraq , Somalia ,Libya ,Pakistan  ,and other such massive injuries to world population in which number of people lost their limbs from body and lost function of daily activities in life, such impairments of humans lead to problems from Physical to psychology impairments in such destructive events ,orthotic and prosthetic play their role in physical artificial limbs to body cut part  mostly upper limb lower limbs ,and also in major surgery  in medical cut parts like nose etc..

Rehabilitation Program

REHABILITATION program is a process in which a practitioner and patient both play role in decreasing the impairment and enhancing the body function which minimizes ,decrease or lost by some  disease or sudden attacks like in stroke in which partial or complete loss of function occurs in limbs ,and rehabilitation program gradually work with patient and physiotherapist to normalize the function level and affected person able to do their work of daily life as eating ,walking itself and many other functions of the body.

In physical therapy exercises have main role in implication and functional body use in life of patient work actually human body function is not a single work to do for body its include many other functions of body which play their role in normal as well as patient life to have a normal life for work

Human Body Function

The human body function related to normal work include following function collaboration in humans

  • Cardiopulmonary endurance

work of heart and lungs for the body .

  • Neuromuscular control and coordination

work of brain and body muscle work rhythm.

  • Muscle performance

the bodywork of muscles as walking ability of long distance).

  • Mobility and flexibility

movements o joints for proper range of motion .

  • Balance postural equilibrium

standing and walking equilibrium .

  • Stability

muscle work stability is important for long time work like in gyms .


In physical therapy and rehabilitation programs there is major importance of exercises in function improving ,because there is basic importance in exercises is that the exercises which are performed in the rehabilitation programs are mostly same mostly same movements in which humans performed daily activities of lie and performing such activities lead to proper functioning in body ,but the exercises are performed according to different criteria of function and age-related factors, exercises are of main following types

  •   Isometric exercises
  •   Resistive exercises

Isometric Exercises

isometric exercises are the importance in low grading muscles which have low power,and those muscles which are less innervated or those muscles which are paralysed or partial paralysis,in these exercises movement of body part is not too much like in resistive but muscle contraction occurs in such a way that muscle length not changed and contraction of muscle fibres occur and in such movements blood circulations proper channel through veins arteries and prevent from atrophy of muscles and surrounding tissues.

Resisted exercises

Resisted exercises are not like isometric exercises in these exercise the length of muscle changed and resistance is applied manually by a physiotherapist or by weight like in weight bearing dumbbells in gym .these exercise is important for muscle strength and muscle bulk these exercises are applied not immediately after surgery but applied after isometric exercise with patient limbs.

Improving human body function its important in physical therapy to understand completely the work of body organs specially muscles and bone biomechanics mad by nature for normal function if there is a problem in bone biomechanics or muscular work there is leading problems for the individual, therefore, we can prevent it using knowledge of ERGONOMICS , it’s a branch of rehabilitation program related to work performance ,work safety of individual and resultant productivity of the individual,


The quality of life is determined by its activities… Aristotle 

this branch leads to be independent the patient after the severe injuries or accidents and limiting movements of human body ,movements related to work are more considering in the occupational therapy a therapist should understand the patient needs to make the patient  independent and work for his or her living standers by their own without hesitations from helping others, so skilled treatment in occupational therapy provide the patient independence in all factors of living to enjoy the life after a bad incident of trauma in life of a working people.

Role of Ergonomics

Ergonomics is not involved just in impairment function improving of patients this is such a magically branch of physiotherapy its need to everyone either computer worker ,a doctor , an Engineer , or others like a space workers if they all use ergonomics rules for working and adopt workstations according to the ergonomics they can work for a long time and less discomfort and decrease pain in muscular body as well as joints mobility work will b better and for a long time ,even a driver will have to use ergonomics rules to prevent the posture imbalance which leads to many complications in walking sitting laying and working which results in painful experience in life and a long time treatment at physio clinic required.


As it has a leading role in our homes from parents to children care as we do in our society for our traditions and cultural believes we should  work for a few mints daily using  Physiotherapist  advice we can save life money time and can achieve healthy life for a long time in our homes instead of hospitals.

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