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Shoulder impairments part 2


Diseases Impairments

Shoulder impairments part 2

There is a condition which explains by multiple names is of muscles related, in which tendons of muscles pressed in different ways and cause loss of function of shoulder this condition is most common in those workers who used their shoulder in such activities in which shoulder have to lift above the head(overhead movement) abduction or flexion or forceful work with shoulder in such conditions of overhead.

Rotator cuff muscles

there are following muscles

  • Subscapularis
  • supraspinatus
  • infraspinatus
  • teres minor

Rotator cuff damage

This is the condition which is more commonly seen in shoulder problems ,the main cause is of pressure on the rotator cuff muscle tendons applied by the humerus head or structures which lie surrounding the muscles, and progressively lost of function occurs,

Muscles commonly involved in Shoulder impingement

The muscle which involves most commonly is SUPRASPINATUS ,

The reason of this impingement and function loss

The reason of this muscle is that the artery which supplies blood to this muscle impinged due to pressure applied by the structure ,and leading to the loss of function,its indications involve the shoulder weakness, tenderness occurs, and restrict the movements like an internal rotation of the shoulder ,in short, rotatory movements decreased

first theory

Acromion impingement syndrome

This name called due to the involving structure of the shoulder which cause impingement,this is according to one of theory,in which anatomical factor involve ,which is said a genetic factor,in which narrow space between acromion process of scapula and humerus head.

Alternate theory

Shoulder impingement syndrome

There is another theory about shoulder impingement syndrome,which explains that there may be this condition due to the excessive use of the muscles relative structures goes inflamed and restrict their normal function in a shoulder and relative movements decreased

Swimmer shoulder problems

a common problem in swimmer 

This impingement syndrome is more common scene in the swimmers ,because of their
shoulder activities in different styles of swimming include

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly style

Reason in swimmer shoulder impingement

This may include the following reasons which may lead to the impingement

  • 1. large amount of the shoulder internal rotation
  • 2. delay in lateral rotation while overhead phase
  • 3. one more factor may also include one side breathing

Shoulder impingement syndrome

Because there are multiple structures involved in this condition, so it’s called shoulder impingement syndrome

Age factor for shoulder impingement syndrome

Above 40 is the common factor in individual pronto the shoulder impingement syndrome

Treatment of Shoulder impingement syndrome

Its treatment involves decreasing the relative movements , to rest the structures of inflamed muscles,
may use painkiller for temporary effect, but physiotherapy checkup is necessary according to condition cure and
exercises suggested

Rotational injuries at shoulder

These injuries named due to the repeated rotation of shoulder for example in different games this type of injuries occur more common in practical life which involves the rotator cuff muscles

  • rotator cuff muscles
  • bicep branch
  • tear o labrum

Games causing shoulder problems

  • pitching in baseball
  • forcefull rotation in throwing
  • serving in tennis
  • spiking in volleyball

Those muscles attaching to the labrum, forcefull rotation leading to the labrum tearing supra spinatus most affected during forcefull rotations

Age factor of rotational injuries

Above 40 years individual more prone to such injuries

other causes of shoulder leading syndrome

  • calcification
  • soft tissues
  • degenerative changes
  • bursitis

Subscapular neuropathy, subscapular nerve palsy

Compression of subscapular nerve at supra clavicular notch due to overhead
activities and weight liftings

People prone to subscapular neuropathy

Players of volleyball, football, racquetball players, backpackers, gymnasts, dancers, in such players,  it s due to the repetitive movement, and also due to extreme shoulder abduction.lateral rotation.


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