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Shoulder impairments


Diseases Impairments

Shoulder impairments

Our the shoulder would be injured by overuse or traumatic injury could affect the joint severely and may cause fracture,our shoulder joint is a complex joint base of his anatomical structures is more than one articulation in a functional joint, this articualtion include

  • Sternoclavicular joint ( strnum+clavicle)
  • Acromioclavicular joint (acromion process +clavivle)
  • coracoclavicular joint (coracoid process+clavicle)
  • Glenn humeral joint (glenoid fossa+humrus head)
  • scapulothoracic joint (anterior scapula + thoracic wall)

any one joint instability lead to decrease the function of the body for proper work

Shoulder joint separation

Shoulder joint separation named a condition in which structures of the shoulder are moved the distance away from
there natural position due to unequal forces acted on shoulder bones and muscles , and frequently this lead to joint instability, the person unable to perform his normal functions with shoulder work and suffering painful a condition in life.


Common causes of shoulder separation or dislocation are those sports which involve direct contact in a field for example wrestling and major causes also include the road accidents and falling from the height with arm
outstretched (away from the body)as in cycling or football playing.

Shoulder dislocation

it is another name of the condition as above,is the separation of a shoulder in which joint bones
separates from and the joint become unstable

Over-stretching of a shoulder joint

the condition of joint in which ligaments(surrounding structures of joint) are elongated due to external forces away from the body, and decrease the stability of shoulder joint as it progressive because shoulder joint is less stable and more moveable due to its anatomical structure,

 Muscular weakness and shoulder dislocation

Those personalties who have week physical body,and did not use exercises for strong muscles and strong body thy are at risk of shoulder dislocation because our body joint are just on stability and power and strength of muscles,

After once dislocation

it is necessary to protect all joints from dislocation, base once the joint is dislocated ,that joints ligamentous structure are more predispose to dislocation because those structures are elongated when dislocation occurs,so there strengthing is necessary to prevent the joint again dis location in future

Treatment of shoulder dislocation

its depend on aording to a condition of location and severity of ligamentous structure elasticity its involves following once taking the natural position of dislocated shoulder bones manually using external force by physicians , it may use plasters,and bandages to provide the strength for support to delicate structures of joint,

Precautions after shoulder dislocation

a person should be avoided from the load work, rest is necessary to gain stability at least 1 to 2 months to give time to structure for stability,light exercise is better instead of heavy weight exercises recommended by physio or ortho doctor,painkiller could be used if need,

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