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how to start a clinical work after graduation

how to start a clinical work after graduation

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how to start a clinical work after graduation

To start a clinical work after graduation or during house job or in clinical visit to a hospital during a study time at college life, receiving Patient is an impORTnt technique for a medical student to deal with patient problem hen he or she visited you for the cure,that’s techniques are important may b different with the practice of clinic or hospital but e have organized these techniques for student easiest way to learn in a following short form word as below..

S O A P and OLD CHART techniques

What is SOAP

Each alpha but of this SOAP indicating a technique short form for learning as

  • S – Subjective
  • O – Objective¬†
  • A – Assessment
  • P – Plan


The first view of this technique to get or receiving a patient when situated in front of you as he or she visited you for treatment,this technique is necessary for the professional graduate of medical student because this technique contains the follwing important component for professionalism knowledge

A -Chief complaints ( the problem with which patient came to you and ant to solve that problem, like pain
temperature etc)

B -History present ( this include the patient present history like when pain occurs what was doing the
patient , and when it starts)

C -Symptoms (Body system) ( this include what the showing clinical features of by patient problem as in
front sight by you,this include to chek the whole body as a system and it’s all individual systems for complete
checkup these systems include Respiratory , cardiac, blood pressure, renal,nervous,and stomach system for
complete history)

D -Medical history (different common deseases as common in your clinical area)medical history relted as
either the patient is inolve in any other diseas except you are going to treat , for example in many socities
there is the more common disease is blood pressure , nervous problems etc, so for this, we used next step)

E -medical test reports (after getting all , assuring the perfect diagnosis you have to go for paint medical test like X-RAy MRI Ultrasound ECG etc which you required



This technique is part of Subjective techniques for physicians as starting the work each alphabet of this OLD CHART if identifying its special characteristics for learning memory


A -O (Onset ) this refers to understand the time of pain or disease occurring , while patient comes you
B -L ( Location) this refers to where is the pain occurring at which point
C -D (Duration) this mean is that to get an idea of acute or chronic pain ,and also that how long it
remains when it starts
D -CH(character of pain ) like pain may b diffusing, or sharp pain like in shoulder frozen , may b pinching,
may b radiating etc
E – A (Alevating) this relting to pain that how it strts pain
F – R (Radiating) its means of pain may b move from one location to other,as in nervous problems
G – T (Temporal pattern) ths relting the pain charateristics as it starts in day or night in diffrnt joint pain
H – S (this is the other SEVERITY) mean grading of pain which taken as fron 0 to 10 , 0 is no pain grade 10 is highest
pain grade.


in this technique physician after takin idea of the patient visiting a clinic and taking a sketch of the problem in his mind to assure his image of a problem goes to next step instead of taking the decision just on patient complaints,

this includes the….

Vital signs

when a patient is in ICU or any other serious condition of health it’s necessary to note the vital signs current situation vital signs include the temperature ,blood pressure,pulse rate, respiratory rate, etc and related according to a problem


its include the measuring the body organ or muscles girth, or limb or bone length as a physiotherapist measure

Physical examination

this include

Inspection (include the sight at the location)
Palpation ( physical touch to the point )


This involves the patient body assessment when the patient is in front of you for your and patient body satisfaction, because before your plan its need to have a complete assessment
for example
a physiotherapist assesses the patient body as standing patient front while passing clavicle on both sides , pelvic or hip bone anterior superior illic spine location with each other, an assesssing supine curves while pstient touched his feet and other methods also including the different muscle test for each joint includes

differential diagnosis D.D

A method of each physician to assess the problem instead of the usual method also used in practice


As a problem diagnosed after an above process its time for treatment, and first treatment is also called the trial treatment and may b changed after 2 0r 3 days after checking again differing test to assure the either plan is aggravating or diffusing after treatment a changer according to next step ,this trail treatment is off due to the, pain may be aggravating in first treatment as if it was nerves problem.

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