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What is Cerebral Palsy ?

What is Cerebral Palsy ,

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What is Cerebral Palsy ?

Symptoms, Definition of Cerebral Palsy

Cp patients
Symptoms of cerebral palsy ?

Cerebral palsy is a disorder of neurological system , which leads to impairment and disability in life,there is sensory and motor areas of brain which control body movements with muscle tone balance ,Cerebral palsy patients affected at motor area in neurological system which causes defect in movements controlled by that area,

Causes :

There may be by the birth abnormal development of a motor area of the brain , in other cases, there may b injury to the brain (before ,during ,after birth ) in which there is no motor function and palsy state to the individual .

Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy :

1. Ataxia is seen, in which coordination is lack in individual when to try to perform voluntary movements
2. there is exaggerated muscle tone ,and hyper reflexes and spasticity
3. weakness of one or both arm ,limbs, including walking on toes,crouched gait or scissored gait
4.variation in muscle tone,difficulty in swallowing ,speaking,and delays movements sometimes also seen
5. difficulty in writing

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Variations in symptoms of CP

There is great variation in symptoms of Cp patients as one has severe posture problem with walking but other have the less problem in walking as good posture Cerebral palsy problems occur 4 child’s in 1000 of live births almost ratio There is no cure for cerebral palsy but supportive and medication ,surgeries of specific parts are used in which may individual got assistant in walking

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