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What is low backache?

What is low backache

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What is low backache?

  • Back ergonomics to
  • Proper postural habits to prevent a backache
  • Proper work environment to prevent low back pain
  • Ways of taking health break to prevent low pain
  • Exercises for low back
  • Modifications in daily living and Activities preventing low back pain
  • How can prevent recurrence of low back pain ?

What is a low backache  ?

In this condition painful sensations at the lower region of your back , pain is so irritating the back region that it limit the body function as normal movements of the back ,this region involved the lumber region of the spine this region become painful  in victim of a backache

Causes of low back pain are disc diseases at  the  lumber  region  and  second most common cause is the bad posture adopted by us in every field or work stations which has no proper training for work ,that bad posture adopted in either aspect of life lead to low back pain and many neurological complications to lower body part as well as walking and wait bearing activities of daily life as routine shopping and home life also affected by  this pain.

Ergonomics of back to prevent the low back pain

Proper daily life activities to prevent low back pain

The management of the low back pain one is most important factor is correcting our daily life activities in life and proper mechanisms of working to increase the life span of working as well as muscle working of back and use of a long time spinal disc which prevent from the sudden pressure injures to the spine work as a shock absorber following points are involved in ergonomics of the back to prevent it from a backache

  Proper postural habits for back

             Proper work environment to prevent the back pain

             Ways of taking health break for low back pain prevention

             Exercises for low back

             Modifications in daily living and Activities to prevent a low backache

             How can prevent recurrence of low back pain ?


Proper postural habits

Correct posture is the key to good ergonomics following in physiotherapy patients for good work also it includes

Correct sitting postural 

Correct sitting postural

Correct sitting postural

Correct weight lifting

 Correct weight lifting.JPG

Correct weight lifting.JPG

Correct standing posture

correct standing posture

correct standing posture

Correct driving habits

Correct driving habits

Correct driving habits

Good choice of bed

Good choice of bed

Good choice of bed

Proper work environment

Use of proper chairs

effect of sitting standing on spine of man as following , our back bone Spine is made for proper walking and weight bearing the upper extremities , weight distribution on spine is minimum on supine position ,and it goes 3 time more  when standing and its increases more as 11 time when sitting ,the stress on the spine is more at sitting position of the human.

The need of the hour is that in this time as the competition of business we fail to substitute the health advisor techniques to apply on work stations and our offices are full of chairs and tables of improper structure which causes back pain and mostly in working peoples.

Choice of a proper chair in office work

How chair cause low back pain

Human spine has naturally a shape of its in physiologic condition which is S shaped and chair use for working should be in such design to maintain the proper S shape of spine, normally our chairs designed in the market are not considered properly and they make appearance of C shaped ,and this C shape compresses the spine segments and surrounding structures and causing pain .

How can we maintain the proper posture in the chair

By using following instructions we can  made  good posture in chair sitting while working,

  • Neck should be slightly forward with straight upper back
  • Shoulders position must be relaxed and arms hang naturally
  • Back of body must be in full contact with the back rest of the chair
  • Knee bending should be less than 90 degree
  • Arms , elbows must be comfortably on arms of chair
  • Thighs must be parallel to floor
  • Feet must be flat and resting on floor
  • Avoid sitting on the stools
  • Health break is necessary while in office work it is more important taking health break than coffee breaks

Health break in office

Health breaks to prevent low back pain

Health break is more important than coffee breaks


  • There should be a short brisk quick walk after an hour in office
  • A steeper can used to take a brisk walk
  • Exercising back and neck after an hour
  • Abrupt twisting should be avoided
  • Prolonged standing and improper weight lifting and prolonged standing  should be avoided while working.

Exercises for low back pain

Why should exercises advised for low back pain patient?

Exercises for low back patients are not the same its depending on the patient conditions and impairments it has indications as well as contraindications because the exercises used in lowe back pain are , Flexion exercises , Extension exercises , Rotational exercises ,

There are following reason why exercise are designed for patient of low back pain

To reduce pain ,  improve posture , strengthen weak muscles , reducing mechanical stress on spinal structures , improving the spinal mobility , and also for the proper mobile segmentation of spine .it provide way of nutrition to the disks and decreasing muscle tension .

Modifications in activities of daily life to prevent the low back pain

Carrying luggage : while we traveling we should use light bags and two equal weighted suitcases  with proper pressure applying on both sides

Kitchen standing habits : long time standing in kitchen back should be erect and one leg at footstool

Sleeping  :  sleeping  at bed should be on a such  mattresses which should maintain the S shaped of the spine , no too hard applying pressure on spine ,or slept  on side with knee bent

Proper driving habits

Proper driving habits  include following instructions  sit close to the steering as felling comfortable ,a small pillow should be under the lumber region to maintain the lordosis . use mirror to see vehicles back , avoid stress in life by proper planning and medications.

How can we prevent from low back pain

We can prevent low back pain by forward bent attitude , body weight borne on heels proper weight lifting , sit with buttock tucked under , flexing knees and hip while sleeping turn to the side and get up , while driving push seat forward

Prevent yourself by these actions to prevent low back pain

Sleeping in prone position , rise suddenly from sitting , bend over a washbasin ,high heels ,use too high chair , using soft mattress , not too much firm ,

Some causes of back pain

Muscles of back strain and ligament injury , lumber disc problems , obesity , poor posture , unaccustomed activities , facet joint arthritis , occupational causes .

Advise of a Physiotherapist to prevent and treat the low back pain

As low back pain has multiple factors of causing pain at low region,its examination diagnosis is must at the rehabilitation clinic with a physiotherapist, to avoid such condition above prevention should b used in daily life and work stations should be proper according to ergonomics if there is light pain of low back simple painkiller could  be used if you ha another disease you should consult with you doctor before using itself ant medication , prevention with techniques prevent you from wasting lot of time at bed .

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