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Women heart diseases and preventions

Women heart diseases and preventions


Women heart diseases and preventions

One Women dies every minute from cardiovascular CVD in the U.S

There is following heart problems which would occur in anyone either male or female in which

  • 1.coronary artery diseases
  • 2. myocardial infarction MI
  • 3. Angina
  • 4. heart failure
  • 5. coronary death
  • 6. Aortic diseases
  • 7. claudication


Heart diseases are the biggest killer of the women,women are 10 years older than men they present,young females also develop CAD having worsened prognosis women with MI are more likely to have increased death rate and complications

Symptoms :

Due lack of awareness in the population about diseases and causes, there are more problems in the people
women’s are more affected having symptoms

  • light-headedness or sudden dizziness
  • unusually fatigue
  • unusual upper body discomfort
  • breaking out cold sweat
  • shortness of breathing
  • chest pain or discomfort

dyspnea weakness fatigue and sleep disturbance in comments in that patients

Risk factors :

  • aging factor
  • the family history of premature Coronary artery diseases
  • First-degree relations history
  • diabetes
  • sedentary inactive lifestyle
  • smoking
  • hypertension
  • stress
  • menopause
  • metabolic syndrome
  • pregnancy and heart disease

There following condition causing heart diseases in which

  • eclampsia and preeclampsia
  • gestational diabetes
  • stillbirth
  • miscarriage
  • depression and stress
  • history of cancer treatment also causes heart diseases

Diagnosed with following tests

  • treadmill test
  • nuclear stress test
  • stress echo
  • CT calcium score
  • coronary catheterization with angiography

Stress test

  • if the stress test is positive in female patients then no further evaluation refer for the diagnosis just treatment started from beginning.
  • this prevalence of stress causes Myocardial in far prevention tesheses patients.
  • there need of preventions from risk factors to be healthy
    it is necessary for all women to change her sedentary inactive lifestyle to active healthy lifestyle having


Proper exercise plan in a week before the problems appear 2 hours a week at the start then increased by physician guide.

  • quite smoking
  • healthy balance diet is the necessity
  • Patients should control your weight by checking body mass index BMI


  • All should avoid from stress and stress should manage by different techniques leading factor of diseases
  • we should increase awareness in population from different platforms to decrease the risk of cardiac diseases
  • Screening of the whole body systems should be taken every 6 months or year to prevent from huge damage

You should consult with you nearby physician if you have any problem treatment at early staged prevent from the major loss in life.

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